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Articles Published in 2012

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Book Chapters Published in 2012

Jessie Hill, Abortion and Reproductive Health Services: Point and Counterpoint, in Debates on U.S. Health Care 175 (Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, Wendy E. Parmet & Mark A. Zezza eds., 2012).


Jonathan H. Adler, Labeling the Little Things, in The Nanotechnology Challenge : creating legal institutions for uncertain risks 203 (David A. Dana ed., 2012).


Maxwell J. Mehlman, How Close Are We to Being Able to Achieve the Transhumanist Vision?, in The Posthuman Condition: Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics of Biotechnological Challenges 38 (Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Mads Rosenthal Thomsen & Jacob Wamberrg eds., 2012).

Books Published in 2012