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Articles Published in 2011

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published in 2011

Maxwell J. Mehlman, Modern Eugenics and the Law, in A Century of Eugenics in America 219 (Paul Lombardo ed., 2011).

Jonathan H. Adler, The Problems with Precaution: A Principle without Principle, in Crop Chemophobia: Will Precaution Kill the Green Revolution? 33 (Jon Entine ed., 2011).

Michael P. Scharf, Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity, in Forging A Convention for Crimes Against Humanity 262 (Leila Nadya Sadat ed., 2011) (with Michael A. Newton).

Jonathan L. Entin, Henry King: Reflections on a Legal Giant, in Henry T. King, Jr.: A Life Dedicated to International Justice, 23 (Michael P. Scharf ed., 2011).

Sidney Picker Jr., Henry King Remembered, in Henry T. King, Jr.: A Life Dedicated to International Justice 19 (Michael P. Scharf ed., 2011).

Martha Woodmansee, Publishers, Privateers, Pirates: Eighteenth-Century German Book Piracy Revisited, in Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property 181 (Martha Woodmansee, Mario Biagioli & Peter Jaszi eds., 2011).

Paul C. Giannelli, Reference Guide on Forensic Identification Expertise, in Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence 129 (3rd ed. 2011) (with Edward J. Imwinkelried, and  Joseph L. Peterson).

Books Published in 2011