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Articles Published in 1996

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published in 1996

Jessica Wilen Berg,  When Push Comes to Shove, in Coercion and Aggressive Community Treatment: A New Frontier in Mental Health Law 169 (Deborah L. Dennis & John Monahan eds., 1996) (with Richard J. Bonnie).


Robert P. Lawry,  Justice in Billy Budd, in Law and Literature Perspectives 169 (Bruce L. Rockwood ed., 1996).


Maxwell J. Mehlman,  Historical Trends in Malpractice Litigation, in Physician Executives and the Law: Issues and Trends in Liability 21 (Todd Sagin ed., 1996) .


Maxwell J. Mehlman,  Access to the Genome and Federal Entitlement Programs, in The Human Genome Project and the Future of Health Care 113 (Thomas H. Murray, M. Rothstein & R. Murray, Jr. eds., 1996).

Books Published in 1996