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Articles Published in 2007

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Books Chapters Published in 2007

Michael P. Scharf,  Trading Justice for Peace: The Contemporary Law and Policy Debate, in Atrocities and International Accountability: Beyound Transitional Justice 246 (William Schabas ed., 2007).


Maxwell J. Mehlman,  Behavioral Genetics: Can We Prevent Crimes Before They Are Committed?, in Biomedical Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moral issues in Medicine and Biology (David Steinberg ed., 2007).


Theodore Steinberg,  Lawn-O-Rama: The Commodification of Landscape in Postwar America, in Natures Past: The Environment and Human History 270 (Paolo Squatriti ed., 2007).


Michael P. Scharf,  Jurisdiction with Respect to Crime: Universal Jurisdiction and the Harvard Research, in The Harvard Research in International Law: Contemporary Analysis and Appraisal 275 (John P. Grant & J. Craig Barker eds., 2007).


Shannon E. French,  An American Military Ethicist’s Perspective: Such Waste in Brief Mortality, in The Price of Peace: Just War in the Twenty-first Century (Charles Reed and David Ryall eds., 2007).


Jonathan H. Adler,  Once More, With Feeling: Reaffirming the Limits of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, in The Supreme Court and The Clean Water Act: Five Essays on Raponos v. United States 81 (Kinvin Wroth ed., 2007).

Books Published in 2007