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Articles Published in 2003

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Books Chapters Published in 2003

Michael P. Scharf,  Commentary on Prosecutor v. Furundzija, in 5 Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals 357 (Andre Klip & Goran Sluiter eds., 2003) (with Greg Lombardi).


Robert N. Strassfeld,  George Steinbrenner, in Courting the Yankees: Legal Essays on the Bronx Bombers 53 (Ettie Ward ed., 2003).


Jonathan L. Entin,  Miranda v. Arizona, in 6 Dictionary of American History 404 (Stanley I. Kutler ed., 2003).


Michael P. Scharf,  An Illusory Fork in the Road to Peace: Justice vs. Accommodation, in The Future of Peace in the Twenty-First Century 763 (Nicholas Kittrie, Rodrigo Carazo & James Mancham eds., 2003) (with Paul R. Williams).


Calvin W. Sharpe,  Legal Status of Arbitration, in How Arbitration Works 45 (Alan Miles Rulbin ed., 6th ed. 2003). 

Books Published in 2003