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CWRU Law School Faculty Publication 1970 - Now

Articles Published in 1995

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published in 1995

Jonathan L. Entin,  Race and the Origins of Zoning in the Chicago Suburbs, in Contested Terrain: Power, Politics and Participation in Suburbia 71 (Marc Silver & Martin Melkonian eds., 1995) .


Jonathan H. Adler,  Benchmarks: The Ecological and Economic Trends That Are Shaping the Natural Environment and Human Societies, in The True State of the Planet 393 (Ronald Bailey ed., 1995) (with Peter Cazamia and David Monack).


Michael P. Scharf,  UN Mandates: The Letter of the Law, in With No Peace to Keep…: United Nations Peacekeeping and the War in the Former Yugoslavia 34 (Ben Cohen & George Stamkoski eds., 1995) (with Paul Williams).

Books Published in 1995