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CWRU Law School Faculty Publication 1970 - Now

Articles Published in 2006

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published in 2006

Michael P. Scharf,  The Legacy of the Milosevic Trial, in Bringing Power to Justice? 25 (Joanna Harrington, Michael Milde & Richard Vernon eds., 2006).



Jessie Hill,  Carey v. Population Services International, in 1 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Paul Finkelman ed., 2006).

Jessie Hill,  Colautti v. Franklin, in 1 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Paul Finkelman ed., 2006).

Jessie Hill,  Planned Parenthood (“Nuremberg Files”) Litigation, in 2 Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Paul Finkelman ed., 2006).


Paul C. Giannelli,  The Daubert Trilogy and the Law of Expert Testimony, in Evidence Stories 181 (Richard Lempert ed., 2006).

Dale A. Nance,  The Wisdom of Dallas County, in Evidence Stories 307 (Richard Lempert ed., 2006).


Maxwell J. Mehlman,  Promoting Fairness in the Medical Malpractice System, in Medical Malpractice and the U.S. Health Care System 137 (William M. Sage & Rogan Kersh eds., 2006).

Books Published in 2006