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CWRU Law School Faculty Publication 1970 - Now

Articles Published in 2001

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published 2001

Kevin C. McMunigal,  Conflict of Interest as Risk Analysis, in Conflict of Interest in the Professions 61 (Michael Davis & Andrew Stark eds., 2001).


Peter M. Gerhart,  The Sales Convention in Courts: Uniformity, Adaptability, and Adoptability, in The International Sale of Goods Revisited 77 (Petar Sarcevic & Paul Volken eds., 2001).


Brian K. Gran,  The World’s Social Laboratory: Women, Work, and Pensions in New Zealand, in Women, Work, and Pensions: International issues and Prospects 199 (Jay Ginn, Debra Street & Sara Arber eds., 2001) (with Susan St. John).


Theodore Steinberg,  Morton Salt Disaster, in Writing on Water 100 (David Rothenberg & Marta Ulvaeus eds., 2001).

Books Published in 2001