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Articles Published in 2010

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Book Chapters Published in 2010

Michael P. Scharf, Joint Criminal Enterprise, the Nuremberg Precedent, and the Concept of "Grotian Moment", in Accountability for Collective Wrongdoing 119 (Tracy Isaacs & Richard Vernon eds., 2010).


Michael P. Scharf, Seizing the "Grotian Moment": Application of Joint Criminal Enterprise Liability to the Proceedings of the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal, in Collective Violence and International Criminal Justice: An Interdisciplinary Approach 131 (Alette Smeulers ed., 2010).


Raymond Shih Ray Ku, Antitrust Immunity, the First Amendment and Settlements: Defining the Boundaries of the Right to Petition, in Freedom of Assembly and Petition: The First Amendment: Its Constitutional History and the Contemporary Debate 142 (Margaret M. Russell ed., 2010).


Jonathan H. Adler, Perverse Incentives and the Endangered Species Act in Issues of the Day: 100 Commentaries on Climate, Energy, the Environment, Transportation, and Public Health Policy 128 (Ian W.H. Parry & Felicia Day eds., 2010).



Richard K. Gordon, The International Monetary Fund and the Regulation of Offshore Centers, in Offshore Financial Centers and Regulatory Competition 74 (Andrew P. Morriss ed., 2010).


Jonathan H. Adler, The Adverse Environmental Consequences of Uncompensated Land-Use Controls, in Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined 187 (Bruce Benson ed., 2010).


Michael P. Scharf, The Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals: Launching a New Era of Accountability, in Routledge Handbook of International Criminal Law 51 (William Schabas & Nadia Bernaz eds., 2010).

Books Published in 2010