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Articles Published in 2004

Articles on our Scholarly Commons

Book Chapters Published in 2004

Jonathan L. Entin,  Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act, in 1 Major Acts of Congress 51 (Bryan K. Landsberg et al. eds, 2004).


Jonathan L. Entin,  Environmental and Natural Resource Regulation, in Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice 275 (Jeffrey S. Lubbers ed., 2004).


Maxwell J. Mehlman,  Moore v. Regents of the University of California, in Property Stories (Gerald Korngold & Andrew P. Morriss eds., 2004).


Jonathan H. Adler,  Letting Fifty Flowers Bloom: Using Federalism to Spur Environmental Innovation, in The Jurisdynamics of Environmental Protection: Change and the Pragmatic Voice in Environmental Law 263 (Jim Chen ed., 2004).


Paul C. Giannelli,  Understanding Evidence, in Understanding Law School 129 (2004).

Books Published in 2004