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CWRU Law School Faculty Authors

The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library presents our faculty's publications.

Calvin W. Sharpe

Calvin W. Sharpe

Galen J. Roush Professor Emeritus of Law

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Sharpe on our Scholarly Commons

Calvin W. Sharpe,  Issues in Controlling the Arbitration Hearing, in Arbitration 2008: U.S. and and Canadian Arbitration: Same Problems, Different Approaches, Proceedings of the Sixty-first of Annual Meeting, National Academy of Arbitrators (Patrick Halter & Paul D. Staudohar eds., 2009).


Calvin W. Sharpe,  Seniority, in The Common Law of the Workplace: The Views of Arbitrators 133 (Theodore J. St. Antoine ed., 2d ed. 2005).


Calvin W. Sharpe,  Legal Status of Arbitration, in How Arbitration Works 45 (Alan Miles Rulbin ed., 6th ed. 2003). 


Calvin W. Sharpe,  The Story of Emporium Capwell: Civil Rights, Collective Action, and the Constraints of Union Power, in Labor Law Stories in Labor Law Stories (Laura J. Cooper & Catherine L. Fisk eds., 2005), (with Marion G. Crain & Reuel E. Schiller) (with Marion G. Crain & Reuel E. Schiller).