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The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library presents our faculty's publications.

Sharona Hoffman

Sharona Hoffman

Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law; Professor of Bioethics; Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center

Areas of Expertise: Employment Discrimination, Health Law, Aging and the Law, and Health Information Technology

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Book Chapters

Big Data’s New Discrimination Threats:  Amending the Americans with Disabilities Act to Cover Discrimination Based on Data-Driven Predictions of Future Disease, in Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics (Glenn Cohen, Allison Hoffman and William Sage eds., 2018).

DNA Databanks, in Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues in Biotechnology 413 (Thomas H. Murray & Maxwell J. Mehlman eds., 2000) (with Paul C. Giannelli and Wendy E. Wagner).

Electronic Health Information Security and Privacy, in Harboring Data: Information Security, Law and the Corporation 103 (Andrea M. Matwyshyn ed., 2009) (with Andy Podgurski).

Healthcare in the United States: a Matter of Right or Privilege?, in Health Capital and Sustainable Socioeconomic Development 267 (Patricia A. Cholewka & Mitra M Motlagh eds., 2008).

Sharona Hoffman, Privacy and Integrity of Medical Records, Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law (Tamara Hervery and David Orentlicher eds., 2020)

Medial privacy and security, in The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Health Law 267 (I. Glenn Cohen, Allison K. Hoffman, and William M. Sage, eds., 2017).

Personal Health Records as a Tool for Transparency in Health Care, in Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics 260 (Holly Fernandez Lynch et al., eds. 2019).


Sharona Hoffman and Mariah Dick, Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination Based on Prediction of Future Illness in Deep Diving into Data Protection 1979-2019: Celebrating 40 Years of Privacy and Data Protection at the CRID 365 (Jean Herveg ed. 2021).