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Major Treatises by Topic

This guide lists major legal treatises, handbooks, hornbooks and guides by topic. It also lists important current awareness and reporting services for each topic.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Harold S. Bloomenthal & Samuel Wolff, Securities and Federal Corporate Law (1998-date).
Online: Westlaw. (5 volumes).

Harold S. Bloomenthal & Samuel Wolff, Securities Law Handbook (2014-date).
Online: Westlaw.  (2 volumes).

Alan R. Bromberg, Lewis D. Lowenfels & Michael J. Sullivan, Bromberg and Lowenfels on Securities Fraud (2d ed., 2008-date).
Online: Westlaw (8 volumes).

Thomas Lee Hazen, Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation (6th ed., 2009-date).
Online: Westlaw. (7 volumes).

Donald C. Langevoort, Insider Trading: Regulation, Enforcement, and Prevention (2002-date).
Online: Westlaw. (2 volumes).

Joseph C. Long, Blue Sky Law (1985-date).
Online: Westlaw. (3 volumes).

Robert N. Rapp, Blue Sky Regulation (2d ed., 2003-date).
Print: KF1440.Z9S69 2003. Lexis Advance. (4 volumes).

Joel Seligman, Troy Paredes & Louis Loss, Fundamentals of Securities Regulation (6th ed., 2011).
Print:  KF1439.L624 2011. (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Gary M. Brown, Soderquist on the Securities Laws (5th ed., 2006-date).
Online: Bloomberg Law.

Thomas Lee Hazen, Principles of Securities Regulation (3d ed., 2009).
Print: KF1439.H393 2009.

Charles J. Johnson, Joseph McLaughlin & Eric S. Haueter, Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws (5th ed., 2014-date).
Online: CCH IntelliConnect.


Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Blue Sky Law Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Online: CCH IntelliConnect.

Federal Securities Law Reporter (Frequency: Weekly).
Online CCH Intelliconnect.

Security Law News, Online: Bloomberg Securities Law News
ABA Securities Law. Online: ABA Law.