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Major Treatises by Topic

This guide lists major legal treatises, handbooks, hornbooks and guides by topic. It also lists important current awareness and reporting services for each topic.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Jay Dratler, Jr., Intellectual Property Law: Commercial, Creative, and Industrial Property (1991-date). Online: Lexis. (4 volumes).

Melvin F. Jager, Trade Secrets Law (2002-date). Online: Westlaw. (3 volumes).

Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation (Lester Horwitz & Ethan Horwitz eds., 1988-date). Online: Lexis. (7 volumes).

Roger M. Milgrim, Milgrim on Licensing (1990-date). Online: Lexis. (4 volumes).

Roger M. Milgrim, Milgrim on Trade Secrets (1967-date). Online: Lexis. (5 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

ABA Section on Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property and Antitrust Handbook (2d ed., 2015). Print: Law Library Stacks KF3116.I56 2015.

Tyler T. Ochoa et al., Understanding Intellectual Property Law (4th ed., 2020). Ebook:  LexisNexis Study Aids.

Jay Dratler, Jr., Licensing of Intellectual Property (2013-date).  Online: Lexis

Arthur R. Miller and Michael H. Davis, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell (6th ed., 2018). Ebook: West Academic Study Aids. 

Russell L. Parr,  Intellectual Property: Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages, (Fifth Edition, 2018). Online: Wiley Online Library 

Gary Myers, Principles of Intellectual Property Law (3d ed., 2017).  Ebook: West Academic Study Aids.

Roger E. Schechter & John R. Thomas, Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks (Hornbook) (2003). Print: Law Reserve KF2979.S335 2003.  Ebook:  West Academic Study Aids. 

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to  Case  Law Users Only.

ABA Intellectual Property Law. Online: ABA Law 

Bloomberg Law. Online:  Bloomberg Law IP News.


Additional Resources

There are additional Intellectual Property resources available in the sections on Copyright Law and Trademark Law.