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Major Treatises by Topic

This guide lists major legal treatises, handbooks, hornbooks and guides by topic. It also lists important current awareness and reporting services for each topic.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Adoption Law and Practice (Joan H. Hollinger ed., 1988-date). Online: Lexis Advance. (3 volumes).

Jeff Atkinson, Modern Child Custody Practice (2d ed., 2000-date). Online: Lexis Advance. (2 volumes).

Child Custody & Visitation Law and Practice (John P. McCahey et al., ed., 1983-date).Online: Lexis Advance. (4 volumes).

Thomas A. Jacobs, Children and the Law: Rights & Obligations (1995-date). Online: Westlaw. (3 volumes).

Arnold H. Rutkin, & Myrna Felder, Family Law & Practice (1985-date).Online:  Lexis Advance. (4 volumes).

Beatrice K. Sowald & Stanley Morganstern, Baldwin's Ohio Practice: Domestic Relations Law (Rev. 4th ed., 2009-date). Print: KFO94 .B34 2009. Online: Westlaw. (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Homer J. Clark, The Law of Domestic Relations in the United States (2d ed., 1988). Print: KF504.C55 1988.  

John De Witt Gregory, et al., Understanding Family Law (4th ed., 2013). LexisNexis Digital (eBook)

John E.B. Myers & Harry D. Krause, Family Law in a Nutshell (7th ed., 2019). West Academic Study Aids (eBook).

Robert L. Mennell & Jo Carrillo, Community Property Law in a Nutshell (4th ed., 2018) West Academic Study Aids (eBook).

Laura W. Morgan, Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation and Application (1996-date).Online: Westlaw.

Current Awareness

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

ABA Family Law. Online: ABA Law