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Major Treatises by Topic

This guide lists major legal treatises, handbooks, hornbooks and guides by topic. It also lists important current awareness and reporting services for each topic.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law Second Contracts (1981-date). Print: Law Library Reserve KF395.A2C67 1981. (print last updated 2020). Ebooks: HeinOnline. Lexis Advance. Westlaw.  (10 volumes).

Arthur L. Corbin, Corbin on Contracts (Rev. ed., 1993-date). Print: Law Library Reserve KF801.C67.  Law Library Stacks KF801 .C68. (print last updated 2020). Ebooks:  Lexis Advance. Lexis Digital Collection. (15 volumes).

E. Allan Farnsworth, Farnsworth on Contracts (3d ed., 2004-date). Print:  Law Library Reserve KF801.F367 2004. (3 volumes) (last updated 2020).

Richard A. Lord & Samuel Williston, A Treatise on the Law of Contracts (4th ed., 1990-date). Print: Law Library Stacks KF 801.W55 1990 (last updated 2015)  Ebooks: Westlaw. (18 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Ebooks and Online Resources accessible to Case Law Users Only.

Charles M. Fox, Working with Contracts: What Law School Doesn't Teach You (2d. ed., 2008). Ebook: PLI Plus

Joseph M. Perillo, Contracts (7th ed., 2014). Print: Law Reserve KF801 .C26 2014. Ebook: West Academic Study Aids.  

Robert A. Hillman, Principles of Contract Law (4th ed., 2019). Ebook: West Academic Study Aids.  

Jeffrey T. Ferriell, Understanding Contracts (4th ed., 2020). Ebook: LexisNexis Digital Library.  

John E. Murray, Jr. and Timothy Murray, Corbin on Contracts Desk Edition (2012). Ebook: Lexis Advance.  

Claude Rohrer, et al., Contracts in a Nutshell  (8th ed., 2017). Ebook: West Academic Study Aids. 

Tina L. Stark, Drafting Contracts: How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do (2d ed., 2014). Print: Law Reserve KF807 .S73 2014.

Current Awarenses

ABA Contract Law. Online: ABA law