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Fred Gray: CWRU Law Alumni and Civil Rights Lawyer

Celebrating 90 years of a 

Civil Rights Icon:

Fred D. Gray Sr.

Fred Gray turned 90 on December 14, 2020

Fred Gray pictured here with Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Gray, right, and E.D. Nixon signed the bond 

for Rosa Parks, left, who was arrested after 

violating Montgomery’s segregation law for 

city buses in 1955.

Fred Gray giving a Commencement address to the Case Western Reserve University Law School Class of 2017.

After congratulating them, he told them to “Use your degree to make a difference,” and  “Do the right thing… Your goal should be to improve the conditions in your life, your community and the world.”

L-R: H.O. “Red” Williams, Lucius D. Amerson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Gray, Ralph Abernathy, in 1966, after passage of the Voting Rights Bill of 1965.

Fred gray pictured here with his new bride, Bernice Hill, in 1956.

They would go on to have four children.

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