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Major Treatises by Topic

Multi-Volume Treatises

Dan  B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden & Ellen M. Bublick, The Law of Torts (2d ed., 2011).
Westlaw. (4 volumes).

Louis R. Frumer & Melvin I. Friedman, Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses, Damages (1957-date).
Lexis Advance. (2 volumes).

Marilyn Minzer et al., Damages in Tort Actions (1982-date).
Lexis Advance. (11 volumes).

Fowler V. Harper, Fleming James, Jr. & Oscar S. Gray, Harper, James, & Gray on Torts (3d ed., 2006-date).
Print: KF1250.H37 2006. (6 volumes).

Barry A. Lindahl, Modern Tort Law: Liability and Litigation (2d ed., 1990-date).
Print: KF1250.D6 1988. Westlaw. (5 volumes).

Robert D. Sack, Sack on Defamation: Libel, Slander and Related Problems (3d ed., 1999-date).
Bloomberg Law. (2 volumes).

Rodney A. Smolla, Law of Defamation (2d ed., 1999-date).

Stuart M. Speiser, Charles F. Krause & Alfred W. Gans, The American Law of Torts (1983-date).
Print: KF1250.S568 1983. (12 volumes).

Jacob A. Stein, Stein on Personal Injury Damages (3d ed., 1997-date).
Westlaw. (5 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Dan B. Dobbs, The Law of Torts (2000).
Print: KF1250.D62 2000.

Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts (W. Page Keeton ed., 5th ed., 1984).
Print: KF1250.P73 1984.