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Major Treatises by Topic

This guide lists major legal treatises, handbooks, hornbooks and guides by topic. It also lists important current awareness and reporting services for each topic.

Multi-Volume Treatises

Austin T. Fragomen, Jr., Careen Shannon & Daniel Montalvo, Fragomen  on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice, (5th ed., 2015). Bloomberg Law. (2 volumes). 

Austin T. Fragomen, Jr., Careen Shannon, & Daniel Montalvo, Immigration Law and Business (2011-date). Westlaw. (3 volumes).

Charles Gordon et al., Immigration Law and Procedure (2d rev. ed., 1988-date). Lexis Advance.  (20 volumes).

National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, (3d ed., 1988-date). Westlaw. (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Austin T. Fragomen, Jr., Steven C. Bell  & Daniel Montalvo,  Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice (4th ed., 1996-date). Bloomberg Law. (CWRU Users Only). 

Representing Clients in Immigration Court, (Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), 3d ed., 2013). Print: KF337.5.I45 R48 2013.

Sarah B. Ignatius & Elisabeth S. Stickney, Immigration Law and the Family (1994). WestlawNext. (CWRU Law Users Only).

Kevin R. Johnson et al., Understanding Immigration Law (2d ed., 2015).  LexisNexis Digital (eBook). (CWRU Law Users Only).

Dan Kesselbrenner & Lory D. Rosenberg, Immigration Law and Crimes (1984-date). WestlawNext. (CWRU Law Users Only).

Richard D. Steel, Steel on Immigration Law (2d ed., 1992-date). WestlawNext. (CWRU Law Users Only).

David Weissbrodt & Laura Danielson, Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell (6th ed., 2011).  West Academic Study Aids.  (eBook). (CWRU Law Users Only).


Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services

BNA Workplace Immigration Report (Frequency: Biweekly).
BNA Web.

Immigration Law Service 2d (2d ed., 1985-date).

Interpreter Releases (Frequency: Weekly).
Print: JK1751.I67. WestlawNext.