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Major Treatises by Topic

Multi-Volume Treatises

American Bar Association. Committee on Corporate Laws. Model Business Corporation Act Annotated: Model Business Corporation Act with Official Comment and Reporter's Annotations (4th ed., 2008-date). Print: KF1404.53 2008. (4 volumes).

R. Franklin Balotti, & Jesse A. Finklestein, The Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations (3d ed., 1997-date). Print: KFD213.B35 1997. Westlaw: DELCBO. IntelliConnect. (3 volumes).

Jason C. Blackford, Blackford Business Organizations (2d ed., 2004-date). Print: KFO210.B523 2004. Westlaw:OHPRAC-BUS. (3 volumes).

Alan R. Bromberg & Larry E. Ribstein, Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership (1988-date). Print: KF1375.B76 1988. (4 volumes).

Zolman Cavitch, Business Organizations with Tax Planning (4th ed., 1997-date). LexisNexis: BUSORG. (16 volumes).

James D. Cox, Thomas Lee Hazen, & F. Hodge O'Neal, Treatise on the Law of Corporations (3d ed., 2010-date). Westlaw: LAWOFCORP. (3 volumes).

William M. Fletcher, Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations (Rev ed., 1931-date). Print: KF1414.F55 1931. Westlaw: FLTR-CYC. (20 volumes).

William M. Fletcher, Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated (4th ed., 1972-date). Print: KF1411.F55 1972. Westlaw: FLTR-FRM.

Martin D. Ginsburg & Jack S. Levin, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Buyouts (1997-date). Print: KF6499.M4 M47. (5 volumes).

William E. Knepper, Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors (7th ed., 2002-date). Print: KF1423.K58 2002. LexisNexis: LCOROD. (2 volumes).

F. Hodge O'Neal & Robert B. Thompson, O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs: Law and Practice (Rev. 3d ed., 1997-date). Print: CCORPLLC. (2 volumes).

Edward P. Welch, Andrew J. Turezyn, & Robert S. Saunders, Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law. (5th ed., 2006-date). IntelliConnect. (3 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

James D. Cox & Thomas Lee Hazen, Business Organizations Law (3d ed., 2011). Print: KF1414 .C692 2011.

Franklin A. Gevurtz, Corporation Law (2d ed., 2010). Print: KF1414.G49 2010.

Joseph Shade, Business Associations in a Nutshell (3d ed., 2010). Print: KF 1355 .S452 2010.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services

Bloomberg BNA Corporate Law Daily (Frequency: Daily). Bloomberg BNA.

Bloomberg BNA Corporate Practice Portfolios. Bloomberg BNA: Corporate Practice Library. (60 volumes).

Corporation Service (1964-date) (Frequency: Quarterly with semi-monthly report bulletins). Print: KF1410.P74. Intelliconnect.