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Major Treatises by Topic

Multi-Volume Treatises

Steven Alan Childress & Martha S. Davis, Federal Standards of Review (4th ed., 2010-date). Lexis Advance. (CWRU Law Users Only).  (3 volumes).

Alba Conte & Herbert B. Newberg, Newberg on Class Actions (4th ed., 2002-date). Print: KF8896.N4 2002. Westlaw.  (CWRU Law Users Only).  (11 volumes).

Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure (3d ed., 2010-date). Westlaw.  (CWRU Law Users Only).  (3 volumes).

Federal Procedure, Lawyers Edition (1981-date). Print: KF8835.F4. Westlaw. (CWRU Law Users Only). (76 volumes).

Steven S. Gensler, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Rules and Commentary (2011). Print: KF8816.A196. Westlaw.  (CWRU Law Users Only). (2 volumes).

James William Moore et al., Moore’s Federal Practice (3d ed., 1997-date). Print: KF8820.A313M63 1997. Lexis Advance: Civil. Criminal.  (CWRU Law Users Only).  (31 volumes).

William B. Rubenstein, Alba Conte, & Herbert B. Newberg. Newberg on Class Actions (5th ed., 2011-date).  Print: KF8896.N4 2011. Westlaw.  (CWRU Law Users Only).

Stephen A. Salzburg, Michael M. Martin, & Daniel J. Capra, Federal Rules of Evidence Manual (10th ed., 2012- date). Print: KF8935.S2 2006.  Lexis Advance.  (CWRU Law Users Only).  (5 volumes).

Kent Sinclair, Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice (5th ed., 2004-date). Bloomberg Law.   (CWRU Users Only). (2 volumes).

Charles Alan Wright & Arthur Raphael Miller, Federal Practice & Procedure (Rev ed., 1971-date). Print: KF9619.W7 1982. Westlaw. (CWRU Law Users Only).  (55 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises/Hornbooks

Edward Brunet, John T. Parry & Martin H. Redish, Summary Judgment: Federal Law and Practice (2015-date). Print: KF8999 .S86. Westlaw. (CWRU Law Users Only).

Thomas W. Hutchinson et al., Federal Sentencing Law and Practice (2015-date). Print: KF9685.F434.

Gregory P. Joseph, Sanctions: The Federal Law of Litigation Abuse (4th ed., 2008). Lexis Advance.  (CWRU Law Users Only).

Eric J. Magnuson &  David F. Herr, Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice (3d ed., 2015-date).  WestlawNext.  (CWRU Law Users Only). 

Stephen M. Shapiro et al., Supreme Court Practice: For Practice in the Supreme Court of the United States (10th ed., 2013). Print: KF9057 .S8 2013. Bloomberg BNA.  (CWRU Law Users Only).    Bloomberg Law.  (CWRU Users Only).‚Äč

Summary Judgment:  Federal Law and Practice. (Annual, 2017). Print: KF8999.S86.

Charles Alan Wright & Mary Kay Kane, Law of Federal Courts (6th ed., 2002). Print: KF8840.W7 2002.

Current Awareness & Looseleaf Services

United States Law Week (USLW) (Frequency: Weekly). Print: K25.N5. Bloomberg BNA. (Case Law Users Only). Bloomberg Law. (Case Users Only).