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Library Services for Student Journals

Information for note writers and cite-checkers.

Interlibrary Loan and OhioLINK

The library is pleased to offer interlibrary loan and OhioLINK services to support journal staffers in their research-intensive production work, including cite-checking. Journal staff may expect the same consistent, excellent level of service that the library provides to all law school students, faculty, and staff. Direct interlibrary loan and OhioLINK questions to Donna Ertin, Head of Circulation and Access Services Librarian,


Law students may directly order any “available” item they find via the online OhioLINK catalog, as long as it is not also available on campus. To request an item for delivery, select “CWRU” from the pull-down menu. Next, enter your regular Case username (i.e. the portion of your email address before “,” and password). Select delivery to the law library.

Interlibrary Loan

Law students may request books that are not available on campus or OhioLINK by placing an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. Journal articles not available on campus or in electronic format can be ordered via ILL. You may place and track your own ILL requests using the ILLiad ILL management system, but be advised that attempts to request material available on campus or through OhioLINK will be rejected. Normally, you will be best served by contacting a reference librarian to determine availability of a desired resource before placing an ILL request in ILLiad.

Recommendations for how Journals handle ILLs

For journal cite-checking purposes, we strongly recommend that each journal identify specific responsible parties to coordinate ILL requests – either at a per-article level (i.e. the article leads) or globally by identifying a particular member of the editorial board who will “triage” ILL. This is to minimize multiple requests for the same or similar items. Individual cite-checkers should notify this responsible party within the journal’s administration of any items they encounter that require ILL. The editor with that “triage” role will then either authorize or place the ILL request.

Additionally, we recommend that you routinely consult reference librarians whenever you encounter a citation that you believe will require ILL. In many cases, we are able to identify locally-available resources with overlapping or equivalent coverage that are fully “citable” but may not be immediately obvious on the face of the author’s original citation.

Interlibrary Loan request (for materials you cannot find online or in one of our libraries).

NOTE: Law Review Associates, please use the Law Review ILL form. Please do not request materials through the link above.