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Library Services for Student Journals

Information for note writers and cite-checkers.


The library is committed to supporting student efforts to manage the student journals. This includes hosting the student journal websites on our scholarly commons. The library also offers services to help students efficiently and effectively cite-check articles.  Direct general ideas, questions, or concerns about library services for student-edited journals to Lisa Peters, See FAQs for information about who to contact for specific ideas, questions, or concerns.

General information about the library's services for students can be found in the research guide "Student Guide to the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library."

Journal Library Liaisons



Canada-U.S. States Law Journal

Andy Dorchak,

Health Matrix

SaraJean Petite

Journal of International Law

Andy Dorchak,

Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet           

Kieran Layton,

The Law Review

Lisa Peters,

Journal Websites

The library houses the journals' websites on our Scholarly Commons:

Each journal must designate a single editor to request uploading and changes to the journals' web page. This editor will work with their library liaison. The designated editor should send all requests for changes, including uploading new issues to their library liaison.