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Library Services for Student Journals

Information for note writers and cite-checkers.

Presentation: Finding Sources for Cite-Checking

Upon request by a journal board member to the journal's library liaison, a librarian will present an overview on how to find cite-checking sources for new journal staff. This is most commonly done in conjunction with the journal orientation. Requests for library training or orientation should be made by a member of the journal’s editorial board at least two weeks in advance. 

Cite-Checking Preview Service

The optional Cite-Checking Preview service provides an initial librarian overview of article's footnotes, prior to their assignment for cite-checking, in order to identify items that we can expect to be difficult to obtain. A reference librarian will provide a cursory evaluation and a report noting items that may requiring special handling. The librarian will also identify a source for those footnotes (if possible). This service may take two weeks to complete. Therefore for the best use of this service the managing editor should send their liaison an electronic copy of article(s) to be previewed at least two weeks before giving the journal associates their footnote assignments.

The library supports journal sites on is an online repository where copies of cited-to web sources can be stored and cited to. See, Bluebook Rule 18.2.1(d). Questions should be directed to your journal's library liaison.

Plagiarism Detection Reports

To request a plagiarism detection report on the article, the Editor-in-Chief must send the request to her/his faculty advisor with a copy of the article. If permission is granted the faculty advisor will forward the request and paper to the Head of Reference, Andrew Dorchak ( Andrew will then contact the Editor-in-Chief to discuss the details.