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LLEAP 3 - Transactions - Research

Researching to Bind or Not: Places to Start

Materials given you - ALWAYS START HERE FIRST



  • Transaction Intelligence Center
    • Practical Guidance Library
      • Private Asset Purchase
        • Description - Letters of Intent 


  • Lexis Practice Advisor  [How do you know if you are searching in Lexis Practice Advisor - in the upper left hand corner your should see "Practice Advisor']
    • Content Type
      • Secondary Materials
        • Search for "letter of intent"

Westlaw Edge

  • Staring in Practical Law [How do you know if you are searching in Practical Law - in the upper left hand corner your should see "PRACTICAL LAW']
    • Start with JURISDICTION - Ohio
      • Search for "letter of intent"



  • Take notes about any law or secondary sources cited - remember to include in your notes the citation of any law or other source.

Researching to Bind or Not: This can lead you to That

From a secondary source to an article:

Raymond L. Veldman, Letter of Intent - Look Before You Leap, 9(5) M&A Lawyer (2005). [Westlaw Edge]

To a case:

In footnotes there are citations to cases,such as footnote 3 which cites to a case finding language of a letter of intent not to be a binding contract: Giverny Gardens Limited Partnership, v. Columbia Housing Partners Limited Partnership,, 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 9236 (May 26, 2005).


From a case not in your jurisdiction:

Giverny Gardens Limited Partnership, v. Columbia Housing Partners Limited Partnership,, 147 Fed. App'x 443 (6th Cir. 2005).

To a secondary source:

Using Lexis Advance Shepard's Other Citing Sources find - Browning Jeffries, "Preliminary Negotiations or Binding Obligations? A Framework for Determining the Intent of the Parties, 48 Gonz. L. Rev. 1 (2012).

To cases in your jurisdiction:

Using WestLaw Edge, if you look at the the first headnote Contracts 95k25 (key number), click on the key number and change the jurisdiction to Ohio - find "Schlaegel v. Howell, 42 N.E.3rd 771 (2015)" and others.


From a case in your jurisdiction:

Schlaegel v. Howell, 42 N.E.3rd 771 (2015)

To more cases in your jurisdiction

Using WestLaw Edge - skim the headnotes and take notes on which ones deal with issues you are interested in, such as #9 - click Citing References - click cases (on the right) - look for headnote #9 and find - "Uszak v. AT & T Mobility Services LLC, 658 Fed.Appx. 758, 764, 6th Cir.(Ohio)."

Researching to Bind or Not: One Last Set of Searches

Final searches*

  • Broad search "bind! AND "letter of intent" -- quick skim
    • narrow search with specific terms
      • RESEARCH NOTE: On Westlaw Edge and Lexis Advance you can search for a term within results


* Hat tip: Jennifer Cupar