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LLEAP 3 - Transactions - Research

First Step: Know what you ARE and ARE NOT researching

Read the instructions:

  • Who do you represent?
  • What is their ultimate goal?
    • What do they want you to do to help them reach this goal?

Read the instructions and take copious notes on:

  • What are you looking for?
  • What are you not looking for?

Read the instructions and ask yourself do I know what the words mean, such as:

  • What is a "letter of intent"?
  • What is "due diligence"?
  • What is "binding and non-binding"?
  • etc.

Then determine what is the area(s) of law that would deal with ....?

Re-read the instructions and your copious notes.


Second Step: Plan Your research

Plan your legal research:

  • First learn about the business terms and the business transaction type and take notes.
    • HINT: Look at your class reading assignments
  • Second read the instructions and your copious notes and list the legal information you need, such as:
    • Enforceability of letters of intent
    • Areas where the seller's have regretted not having provisions in the letter of intent
    • etc.
  • Third plan how you are going to keep track of 10-20 hours of research
    • Maybe hash tags -- Article 1 #binging #provisions (i.e. what provisions should be in a letter of intent), etc.
  • Fourth make sure your know who is your client and what you are researching and what you are not researching
  • Fifth remember that doing research is really doing research and analysis - as you find information you should be reading it and applying it to your assignment. (This will then determine what additional information you need to find.)