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International Law Research Lab Research Guide

This is a guide to help students in Prof. Johnson's International Law Research Lab.

Specific Topics: Suggested Starting Points

ECCC (Cambodia)

- ECCC website; War Crimes Memos portal, Globalex guide on international criminal tribunals; print and electronic CWRU and OhioLINK books (William Schabas and others); MPEPIL genocide entry, Annotated Leading Cases; Legal Collection, ILP, and Academic Premier articles...

U.S./Canadian Coast Guards

books, articles and (selected) websites about the BWT treaty, as well as treaty interpretation in general (Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties); maybe UNCLOS (Convention on the Law of the Sea by extension/analogy) or compare other similar situations (Mediterranean Sea); U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations (sites from Coast Guard websites); Legal Collection, ILP, and Academic Premier; MPEPIL; EJC (OhioLINK)...


United Nations materials (, Access UN, United Nations section of HeinOnline); books and scholarly articles on UNITAD; May book (and others) on evidence and international criminal law; IEL: CL treatise; state practice (Restatement Foreign Relations of the U.S.); MPEPIL; Oxford Reports on International Law...

PILPG (Yemen)

IIIM (criminal prosecution)

books and articles on ICP specifically and ICL in general; War Crimes Memo Portal; Aggression libguide; MPEPIL; Legal Index, ILP, and Academic Search Premier; Annotated Leading cases; 

ICC Prosecutor and Aggression

books and articles on ICC specifically and ICP in general; War Crimes Memo Portal; Aggression libguide; MPEPIL; Legal Index, ILP, and Academic Search Premier; Annotated Leading cases; 

Yemen Accountability Project

ICC, Migrants (Libya/Italy)

books and articles on migrants, human rights, the ICC specifically and ICP in general; HUDOC, Oxford Reports on International Law; MPEPIL... 

Israel's Border


Terrorist Funding


Russia/Ukraine: false flag as war crimes or aggression; Russia's legal justification for military action in Ukraine

Corporations and International Crimes/War Crimes/CAH; aiding and abetting (arms sales)

Failure to Prosecute/Turn Over an Atrocity Crime to the State, as an IHL violation or International Crime

Palestinians: Status and Possible CAH Victims (Removal from Their Lands)

Venezuela/Maduro and International Law; COVID-19 and Political Repression; International Accountability

Forced Marriage as CAH; Sierra Leon Warlords Conviction and International Law