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Transborder Criminal Enforcement

This guide helps people who are researching transborder criminal law enforcement issues.

Current and Former Distinguished Experts

M Cherif Bassiouni is considered by many as the Godfather of International Criminal Law .  He is a giant in the world of International Criminal Law and War Crimes.  Professor Bassiouni handled many international cases on extradition and international cooperation on criminal matters. In 1999, Professor Bassiouni was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price for his role in the establishment of the International Criminal Court, seated in the Hague.

Jordan Paust is the Mike and Teresa Baker Law Center Professor of International Law at the Law Center of the University of Houston.  Professor Paust has served on several committees on international law, human rights, laws of war, and terrorism.   He is one of the most widely cited law professors in the United States.  Professor Paust has published over 200 articles, book chapters, papers and essays in law journals many of which address treaties, customary international law, jurisdiction, human rights, international crimes, and the incorporation of international law into U.S. domestic law.

William A. Schabas is recognized as a leading expert on international human rights law, international criminal law, genocide, and capital punishment.  Professor Schabas is Professor of International Law at Middlesex University, London.  He was a member of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Professor Schabas has been awarded the Vespasian V. Pella Medal for International Criminal Justice by the Association Internationale de Droit Pénal.

Michael P. Scharf is an internationally recognized expert on international criminal law.  He is the current co-Dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  Dean Scharf is co-founder of the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Washington, DC.  Dean Scharf is the director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at CWRU School of Law.  In 1993, Dean Scharf was awarded the U.S. State Department's Meritorious Honor Award in recognition of his role in the establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.