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Ohio Bar Exam Logistics

A guide to Ohio Bar Exam logistics (updated 7/1/2021)


National Conference of Bar Examiners investigates the character and fitness of candidates for bar admission in Ohio and many other jurisdictions.  The NCBE Character and Fitness Investigations website is at:

Second-Year Students

Start collecting information for the Character and Fitness application as soon as possible.  Some information can be particularly time-consuming to collect.

  • Residence Information: If you have lived at many different places and cannot remember the addresses, LexisAdvance Public Records search is a good place to start.
  • Employment Information: This includes volunteer work. NCBE will need contact information for each employer. If you worked for a small company, it may take time to find this information.

Third-Year Studentes

Be prepared to file an update to your Character and Fitness application.

  • You will need five personal references who are not on your original application.
  • If any of your information has changed since your original application, be ready to give an update.