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Wēpa Printing in the Law School

How to use the Wēpa printers

Email Printing

To send a print job to Wēpa via electronic mail, follow these steps:

  1. Open your electronic mail. Members of the CWRU community must send from the address to link to their Wēpa account.
  2. Create a new message addressed to, and attached the documents that you wish to print.
  3. By default, documents will be submitted for black and white, single-sided printing.
    • To submit the document for color printing, type COLOR in the first line of the body of the message. (see screenshot below)
    • To submit the document for duplex printing, type DUPLEX in the first line of the body of the message. (see screenshot below)
    • All attached documents will be submitted with the same settings. To submit documents with different settings, use separate email messages.


Once you send the email, you will get a confirmation email with a release code. This may take several minutes.


*CWRU webmail imposes a limit of 25MB for the documents being submitted in a single message.