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Wēpa Printing in the Law School

How to use the Wēpa printers

CWRU Community

1. CaseOneCard - Students, faculty and staff with a valid student or employee ID card can simply swipe at the kiosk to log in. All of the documents you have submitted under your account will be displayed. Just select the document(s) you wish to print and select one of the valid methods of payment:

  • To pay with CaseCash or CaseCharge, touch the "Campus Card" button. You do not need to swipe your card again.
  • To pay with printing credits, touch the "Wēpa Account" button.
  • To pay using money you have deposited into your Wēpa account with a credit card, touch the "Wēpa Account" button.
  • To pay with a major credit card, touch the "Credit Card" button. An additional fee applies.

2. Wēpa app - With the Wēpa app, you can simply open the app, press the button in the bottom right corner of the landing page to log in (it will be a blue button that says "Tap to Login") and then hover your phone over the Wepa sensor to the left of the Wēpa kiosk screen.

3. Release Code - Each time a print job is successfully submitted, a release code is given. The release code is a 6 digit alphanumeric code supplied by Wēpa. Use that code to release your print job at the Wēpa kiosk. 

4. Network ID Authentication - You can sign into any kiosk with your Case network ID (abc123) and password to access your account. 




1. Release Code - If the document was submitted using the "Guest Print" option, then it must be released using this method. Just touch "Release Code" on the kiosk, and enter the six character code using the touchscreen keyboard. 

2. Wēpa account or app - Guests can create a Wēpa account on the Wēpa website found here. Guests can also download the app, and log into the kiosk using their phone.