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Law School Canvas Best Practices Guide

Guide for using Canvas for your class.

Echo360 Analytics

  1. Go to the Echo360 tab in your Canvas class
  2. Click on the Analytics tab within the Echo360 tab
  3. Here you can view several different statistics by Student or Video.


This section shows the analytics for the classes you have created in Echo360 to upload a video to. 

  1. The top part shows a graphical view of the data
  2. The bottom part shows a tabular view of the data
  3. In between the two is an "Export Full Data Set". Clicking this will download a csv file of all the data for the classes.
    • If you click the Metric Definitions link you can get a detailed description of each metric recorded by Echo360.


This section gives data by student in the class. The data is given in a table view, with an "Export Full Data Set" button to download a csv file of the data if desired.
There is also a Metric Definitions link here as well in case you want a more detailed explanation of the data categories.


If you are using the engagement analytics for grading in Canvas, the Weighting section allows you to assign a weight to the point values of doing the activities in the class (usually watching a video).

There are also presets you can use if you so choose below the sliders for In Class Learning, Remote Learning, and Personal and Peer Learning


The Engagement section allows you to see the engagement scores students are getting on each of the classes in the Echo360 tab of the Canvas Class.

LMS Gradebook

You can only export 1 metric per Canvas class to the gradebook for Echo360. This metric can be selected and changed in the LMS Gradebook section.