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Law School Canvas Best Practices Guide

Guide for using Canvas for your class.


  1. Go to your Canvas class
  2. Go to the Quizzes tab
  3. New Quizzes can be created by pressing the "+Quiz" button
  4. Already created quizzes can be viewed by clicking on them
    1. Clicking the Edit button will allow you to make changes
    2. Clicking Preview will allow you to take an example of the quiz like a student would

New Quizzes

  1. Start by replacing "Untitled Quiz" with an appropriate title for the Quiz (e.g. Final Exam, Midterm, ect.)
  2. Instructions for your quiz can go in the box directly under the title. Be warned there is a 16384 character limit.

Quiz Settings

  1. You will want to choose an appropriate quiz type:
    • Practice Quiz: An ungraded quiz useful for studying or allowing students to get used to the system
    • Graded Quiz: A quiz that will receive a grade that counts towards the students final grade.
    • Graded Survey: Useful for obtaining feedback or other student based data. Grade is solely based off participation in the survey
    • Ungraded Survey: Same as the Graded Survey without the grade
  2. If you have Assignment Groups set up to help organize your assignments you can then select which group this quiz belongs too
  3. Next are the Quiz Options:
    • Shuffle Answers: You can select to have the answers for multiple choice questions to be shuffled so the order will change from attempt to attempt and student to student
    • Time Limit: Set a time limit in minutes for how long an attempt may last. The attempt is automatically submitted once the time limit expires during an attempt
    • Allow Multiple Attempts: Allows students to take more than one attempt at the quiz
      • Quiz Score to Keep: Choose whether to keep the Highest, Lastest, or Average score of the attempts taken
      • Allowed Attempts: Set how many attempts are allowed. Leave blank to allow unlimited attempts.
    • Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback): Allows students to see the responses they put to each question and which ones were incorrect. 
      • Only Once After Each Attempt:  Students will only be able to see their responses for an attempt once right after submission
      • Let Students See Correct Answer: This will allow you to set a time window when students will be allowed to view the correct answers for the quiz.
        • Show Correct Answers At: Set the date and time to start allowing students to see the correct answers
        • Hide Correct Answers At: Set the date and time to hide the correct answers again.
        • Leaving these blank will leave the correct answers to always be viewable
    • Show one question at a time: This option forces students to answer questions one at a time rather than being able to view all the questions at once.
      • Lock question after answering: Once a student answers a question they will be unable to change it.
  4. Next is Assign options:
    • Assign To: Set which students in the class need to take the quiz. Select everyone to assign to all students
    • Due: Set the date and time the quiz will be due. Any attempts will be automatically submitted at the due date.
    • Available From: Set the date and time the quiz will become available to take.
    • Until: Set the date and time the quiz will become no longer available.
    • To prevent confusion the best practice is to set a Due date and an Available From date and leave Until date blank.
    • If you need to set different dates for certain students you can click Add at the bottom of the Assign box and set different dates for different students.
  5. You can click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save the settings and return later for question editing.

Question Editing

  1. Scroll back to the top of the screen and click the Questions tab to switch to question editing
  2. Click "+New Question" to create a new question
  3. The top of the box allows you to:
    • Name the question if desired
    • Select the type of question
    • Set the number of points the question is worth
  4. Then you can type in the text for the question. Questions are also subject to the 16384 character limit.
  5. If you have selected a question type that requires there to be selectable answers you will provide them below the question text and select the correct answer(s) by clicking the appropriate arrow(s) next to them.
  6. If you require more answers you can click "+ Add Another Answer" at the bottom of the answer section
  7. The colored boxes below the individual answers and the answer section as a whole, can be used to provide feedback based on what the student answers. This is mainly for practice quizzes, or quizzes where you allow students to know the correct answer afterward.
  8. When you are done editing the questions make sure you click "Update Question" or else the question WILL NOT BE SAVED.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the questions click "Save" at the bottom of the quiz

Question Groups

  1. Question groups are question banks that the quiz will Randomly select from to create a quiz.
  2. These can be used to change which questions are asked from attempt to attempt and/or shuffle the order of questions.
  3. Click "+Question Group" rather than "+New Question" to create a new question group
  4. Give the group a title and click "Create Group".
  5. Click the "+" in the top right corner of the group box to add a new question to it.
  6. You can follow the instructions in the Question Editing section for question editing guidance.
  7. Add as many questions as you'd like and then click the pencil in the top right of the box
  8. Now set how many questions you want picked from the group and how many points each question in the group is worth.
  9. It should be noted that question groups and single questions can both be used in the same quiz. Single questions will always appear in the same spot in a quiz, and question groups questions will appear (in a random order) based on where they are placed in relation to single questions and other question groups.

Remember to Save your Quiz!!!!

Question Types

  1. Multiple Choice: Students are presented with multiple potential answers. Only one answer is allowed to be selected as correct.
  2. True/False: Students are presented with options True and False. Only one answer may be selected as correct.
  3. Fill in the Blank: Students are presented with a box to type an answer into. You must type the blank into your question text. You can set several correct answers.
  4. Fill in Multiple Blanks: Students are presented with a box for each blank. Blanks must be typed with a variable name in brackets (Ex. [Variable 1]). You can set several correct answers for each blank.
  5. Multiple Answers: Students are presented with multiple potential answers. Any number of these may be selected as correct.
  6. Multiple Dropdowns: Fill in Multiple Blanks question using a dropdown menu instead of a type field. One answer must be selected as correct for each dropdown menu. Students are presented with a dropdown menu for each blank.
  7. Matching: Students are presented with a list of items each with a dropdown menu. You must give each left side item a matching right side item. Additional items may be added as 'distractors'. The dropdown menus include every right side item and distrators.
  8. Numerical Answer: Students are presented with a text box to type a numerical answer. You must select whether the answer is an exact number or range, and if there is any margin of error.
  9. Formula Question: You can define variables by placing them in brackets [] and then create a formula to generate potential answers.
  10. Essay Question: Students are presented with a large text box to type their response. 
  11. File Upload Question: Students are presented with a file submission button to upload and submit a file for grading.
  12. Text (no question): Students are simply presented with the text you've typed. There are no answers provided as this should not be used for a question.