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SJD Research Guide

This is a guide to library research resources that are available to SJD students.

Getting Started


Each SJD student has a "Personal Librarian" -- a reference librarian who will help navigate the scholarly research resources that are available to help complete the SJD thesis. The Personal Librarian helps with research strategies and methodologies, and he or she does not replace the faculty advisor's comments on substantive issues, nor the Writing Center's support of writing efforts. The Personal Librarian should reach out each SJD student, but the SJD student should feel free to contact the Personal Librarian, as well. A Personal Research Consultation can get you started with your research, with follow-up as needed.

Besides of the personal librarian service,  SJD students may consult to reference librarians who work in the reference desk during reference librarians' business hours. In particular, reference librarians sitting on the reference desk welcome to all type of research questions and other academic relating requests. If there are no patrons asking help from the reference desk, reference librarians may work on other projects. 

SJD students are informed about their personal librarians ' names, contact information and office hours by the Foreign Graduate Legal Studies at the beginning of their first semester. SJD students who have any concerns, comments and other requests may contact Andrew Dorchak, the head of the reference librarian. His e-mail address is