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Sources for Student Publication Cite Checking

This LibGuide is to help students find the sources to do cite checking.

Legal Articles (published)

  • Library catalog, coverage varies most from volume 1 (Both print collections and validated online collections (like HeinOnline) are cataloged (and linked) at the level of the journal name, so a catalog search by journal title should work as a universal first step).
  • Hein Online coverage varies most from volume 1 (pdfs of originals).
  • eJournal Portal coverage varies (note you may only use pdf versions).
  • Journal homepage (for example the Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal):
    • example: “Wikipedia and the European Union Database Directive,” 26 Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal 631 (2010).

Legal Articles (pre-publication)

Non-Legal Articles


  • Library catalog (most books from either print or e-book/online collections should be cataloged at the title level).
  • OhioLINK catalog (for those books you cannot find in pdf or in one of our libraries).
  • A number of online book “collections” allow full-text cross-searching and other functions. Individual books included in these collections should normally be cataloged at the “title level” in the library catalog, so this should still be an effective means of locating cited titles within these collections. Nevertheless, you may occasionally wish to search these resources directly.Examples include:

Model Rules