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Sources for Student Publication Cite Checking

This LibGuide is to help students find the sources to do cite checking.


This LibGuide is to help students find the sources to do cite checking. The information and links given are those which are most likely to efficiently lead to the information needed. There are often many possible sources for the text of a case, a law, etc., so if you cannot find a particular source, please contact the Reference Desk for help. You can stop by, call 216-368-5206, or email

For an overview of library services for journal staffers see the research guide Library Services for Student Journals.

Librarian Tips


  • Remember the 15 minute rule. If you can't find something in 15 minutes ask for help.
  • Official government websites are a good place to check for government documents.(see the Federal and State Websites tab.)

Statutory Law

Before looking for a source - ask yourself - are they citing the public law, the current code, or the code at a specific point in time.

Is the State's Official Source Online?

The American Association of Law Libraries has gathered information about state online legal information. The site gives direct links and identifies characteristics of the online information such as if it is official, authenticate, and if copyrights: Online Legal Information Resources (last updated 2022).


T2 Foreign Jurisdictions  is only available online (open access)


Journal Editor and Associate Tips

  • To find a journal article, search the catalog for the journal title. This will connect you to the catalog record for the PDF version if the library owns it.
  • If you have the internet version of a newspaper article and can't find page number for the print, copy the first few sentences of the article and put them in the LexisAdvance search box surrounded by quotes. This will retrieve the article even if the title changed between the print and the electronic version.