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Exam Guide

This is a guide to help CWRU Law students prepare for their exams. Note: The law library does not archive past exams.

Top Tips

There are a lot of resources on how to succeed in law school / on law exams. Evaluate these resources as you would any other secondary source. That is: the general advice curated here likely won't be as helpful as advice from a student who did well in the same professor's course last semester. To paraphrase the adage "a good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge," a good student knows the material; a great student knows the professor.


Saving Time by Strategizing

  • "Leisure" reading can help illuminate the big picture
    • Law journal articles for areas where the law is evolving
    • Popular books and other media for policy aspects
  • Studicata (videos) can help round out ideas

Asking for Help

General Advice

Articles on Study Habits & Law Exams

Elizabeth M. Bloom, Teaching Law Student to Teach Themselves: Using Lessons from Educational Psychology to Shape Self-Regulated Learners, 59 Wayne L. Rev. 311, 330-38 (2013).

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Books on Law School Exams

Recommended for 1Ls

Requesting Accomodations

ADA accommodations are approved and processed by the Office of Disability Resources, then administered by Law Exam Coordinators here at the School of Law. Here is everything you need to know about Getting Started, and here is general information and procedures related to the Office of Disability Resources. Please reach out to directly to begin the process.