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Exam Guide

This is a guide to help CWRU Law students prepare for their exams.

Online Study Aids (Currently-Enrolled CWRU Law Students)

Selected, Prior Exams By Current CWRU Law Professors

Exams available via the intranet with current CWRU law student login, as of the Fall, 2018 semester.

By Course


Administrative Law (Entin)

B.A. (Richard Gordon)

Civil Procedure (Robertson)

Constitutional Law (I & II) (Entin)

Constitutional Law II (Ku)

Copyright (Ku)

Corporate Tax (Gabinet)

Criminal Law (Katz)

Criminal Procedure (Katz)

Death Penalty Issues (Benza)

Federal Income Tax (Gabinet, Jensen)

International Business Transactions (JD) (Gerhart)

International Trade and Development (JD and LLM) (Gerhart)

Labor Law (Strassfeld)

Professional Responsibility (Robertson)

Property (Kostritsky)

Torts (Gerhart, Mehlman)

Workers Compensation (Lampert)


By Professor


Benza (Death Penalty Issues)

Entin (Administrative Law, Constitutional Law (I & II)

Gabinet (Corporate Tax, Federal Income Tax)

Gerhart (International Business transactions (JD), International Trade and Development (JD & LLM),Torts)

Gordon, Richard (B.A.)

Katz (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure)

Kostritsky (Property)

Ku (Con Law II, Copyright)

Lampert (Workers Compensation)

Mehlman (Torts)

Robertson (Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility)

Strassfeld (Labor Law)





Advice from Law Professors

Here is information from law professors.

CALI Resources

Books On Law School Exam Preparations