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Personal Librarian Service

What is a Personal Librarian?

Your personal librarian is here to help you get the most out of your experience with the Library! The Personal Librarian serves as a "human finding aid" to help you navigate the library's resources and services effectively. You may use your Personal Librarian as often or as infrequently as you like, and, of course, other library staff are available to assist you, as well. Every student is assigned a librarian who will:

  • Send you email updates about the library
  • Answer your library questions
  • Assist you in locating library resources or refer you to the appropriate person

Things we can offer referrals for but not directly do:

  • Make photocopies. The library does have both photocopiers and scanners you can use to scan and print.
  • Set-up computer accounts or software. We can guide you to UTech assistance.
  • Do your research or write your paper. We can help find sources and talk through the research process. We can also lead you to resources like the Writing Center.

Who is Your Personal Librarian (PL)?

If you do not know who your PL is, click HERE to find your contact