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SJD Seminar and Thesis Formatting

This guide was created to answer questions that SJD students frequently ask the library staff about formatting their theses.


iThenticate Software

This is a brief overview of the instructions on the SJD Research Guide. They are slightly different because they assume the redirects will not work.

  1. Go to and search for ithenticate.
  2. Select "Case Western Reserve" as the name of the institution.
  3. Use single sign-on. 
    • If you do not use single sign-on, you will have to make an account and pay for reports.
  4. If you are 100% sure you have footnotes for all of your quotes, go to folder settings and select "exclude quotes."
  5. Return to the "Documents" tab and click "submit a document."
  6. When you do the upload, it will ask for a "reporting group."  Select "Law: Dissertation."
  7. Select "Choose file" and select your document.
  8. When the document reaches 100% complete, you can analyze your report.

For Professor Gordon's Class: If you do not have your own paper, you may download and use mine: LINK