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Using Works and Copyright

Help determining if you have the legal right to use another's work.

University Copyright Information

The University has created information for the campus community on the Kelvin Smith Library website. Here you will find the University's Copyright Compliance Policy.

"Each member of the University community is accountable for copyright compliance. The Copyright @Case site offers information about using copyrighted materials, various checklists and charts for informed decisions, legislative news and changes, and support through University contacts."

Case Western Reserve University, Case Copyright Compliance Policy Copyright@Case (last visited 6/2019).

University Policy Statement

From the Case Western Reserve University, Copyright Compliance Policy 2 (last visited 4/30/2019):

"The University expects all faculty, students, and staff to abide by the Copyright Compliance Policy and to be familiar with federal copyright laws relevant to the academic use of copyrighted materials.

The University’s reputation as a leader in research and information technologies is strengthened and protected by copyright compliance.

All members of the University community need to understand that copyright infringement may have serious consequences, including significant personal liability for them. The University assumes no liability for, and is not obligated to defend, individuals who knowingly fail to comply with the Copyright Compliance Policy, the copyright statutes, or any licenses for access to and use of others’ copyrighted works. The University terminates the network account of repeat infringers according to the provisions of 17 U.S.C. §1201 and may take other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.

The University Library provides general information and preliminary consultation on the use of copyrighted materials. The Office of Counsel advises on specific legal matters or redirects university members or organizations to appropriate legal counsel. Rights of the faculty to fair use, as defined in section 9, are protected under the indemnity clause of section 14 of the Faculty Handbook. 

The University Library hosts Copyright @ CASE, a website for copyright information and assistance on topics relevant to the CASE community:"