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Using Works and Copyright

Help determining if you have the legal right to use another's work.

General Permission to Use: Creative Commons Licence

Author puts license on work.

For example,

"© 2015 Aaron Perzanowski & Jason Schultz. Individuals and nonprofit institutions may reproduce and distribute copies of this Article in any format at or below cost, for educational purposes, so long as each copy identifies the author, provides a citation to the Notre Dame Law Review, and includes this provision in the copyright notice." Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz, "Reconciling Intellectual and Personal Property," 29 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 1535 (2015).

NOTE: Copyright Notice

Many of licenses require the user of the work to make sure that copyright notice is affixed to the used work. For information on how to create a copyright statement see, U.S. Copyright Office, Circular 3: Copyright Notice (last revised 9/2017).

Acceptable use policy

Acceptable Use Policy - OhioLINK EJC



  • Reserves: There are no restrictions within authorized uses on the storage and printing of articles among authorized users. Placement in local electronic reserve files and bookmarking from course web sites is allowed.
  • Course Packs: Inclusion of electronically-based articles in locally distributed print course packs is allowed.
  • Sharing with non-authorized users: Non-systematic sharing of articles by authorized users with non-authorized users is allowed."