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This is a guide to help researchers investigating possible international crimes that were committed in Yemen.

Selected Treaties, Conventions, and International Agreements

Genocide Convention (OHCHR website)

Hirad Abtahi, Genocide Convention: Travaux Preparatoires (2 print volumes) Law Stacks K 5302.A92 2009

ICRC, Geneva Conventions and Commentaries

Geneva Conventions: of 12 August 1949: Commentary (4 print volumes) Law Stacks KZ 6462.C6513 1994 (vols. 1-4)

1949 Geneva Conventions: A Commentary (Oxford Press, 2015 (print) Law Stacks KZ 6512.2 1949.N56 2015

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 

M. Cherif Bassiouni, The Legislative History of the International Criminal Court Law (Transnational Publishers, print, 2005) Law Stacks KZ 6312.L44 2005 v. 1-3

William Schabas, The International Criminal Court: A Commentary (Oxford Press, print, 2010). Law Stacks KZ 6310.S328 2010

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Oxford Press, print, 2002). Law Stacks KZ5310.R55 2002 (3 vol.)