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Chinese Business Law

Basic legal principles.


National Bureau of Statistics of China [EN]

 National Bureau of Statistics of China website.

China Legal Knowledge Database (CLKD) Chinese Interface

China Legal Knowledge Database (CLKD) is part of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), launched in late 2010. Its content is officially sanctioned by the People's Republic of China. Content includes: Laws/regulations from 1949 to date (500,000 records); Cases from 1979 to date (230,000 records); and Secondary Sources: (1.5 million records). The database is updated daily and newly enacted laws are provided within 48 hours. Both primary and secondary resources cover over 400 legal topics. Includes an English-Chinese dictionary.

Law Info China (LIC) (LIC) is the English-language version of the Chinese legal information system first launched by Peking University in 1985. It provides access to English-language versions of selected Chinese legal resources.

Westlaw China

People’s Republic of China Laws, both primary and secondary resources; in English and Chinese. Laws from the National People’s Congress; Laws, decisions, orders, case headnotes; Ministerial Regulations; Articles; Wanshi News (Translates to “Universal News”). Law School faculty, students, and staff are provided individual accounts to Westlaw. We are contractually unable to provide access to anyone else.