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Chinese Business Law

Basic legal principles.

Journals to Browse

China Legal Science (online, 2013 - present)

Chinese Journal of International Law (online, 2002 - present)

City University of Hong Kong Law Review (online, 2009 - present)

Frontiers of Law China (online, 2006 - present)

Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies (online, 2007 - present)

Peking University Journal of Legal Studies (online, 2008 - present)

Tsinghua China Law Review (2009 - present)

US-China Law Review (online, 2004 - present)

China Finance and Economic Review (online, 2013 - present)

China Nonprofit Review (online, 2009 - present)

Journal of Chinese Political Science (online, 2016 - present)

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Benjamin and Groth, Benjamin Julius, Bibliography of Academic Writings in the Field of Chinese Law in Western Languages in 2015 (August 22, 2016). Journal of Chinese Law (ZChinR), Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 125-143, 2016.

Selected Subject Searches

  • China, Government business enterprises -- China
  • China, Land use, Property rights -- China
  • Foreign Investments -- China
  • Law & legislation, Government business enterprises -- China
  • Public-private sector cooperation

Articles on Chinese Business Law

Yun-chien Chang,  Decentralized and Anomalous Interpretation of Chinese Private Law: Understanding a Bureaucratic and Political Judicial System, 102 Minnesota Law Review 1527 (2018).

Daniel C.K. Chow, How China Promotes Its State-Owned Enterprises at the Expense of Multinational Companies in China and Other Countries, 41 North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation, 455 (2016).

Daniel C.K. Chow, Three Major Problems Threatening Multi-National Pharmaceutical Companies Doing Business in China, 19 Columbia Science & Technology Law Review 46 (2017).

Tracy He, Labor and Employment Law Developments: China, 39 Employee Relations Law Journal 71 (2013).

Yong Huang, Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang, & Roger Xin Zhang, Essential Facilities Doctrine and Its Application in Intellectual Property Space under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, 22 George Mason Law Review 1103 (2015).

Angela Huyue Zhang, A The Antitrust Paradox of China, Inc, 50 New York University Journal of International Law & Politics,159 (2017).

Eric C. Ip & Kelvin Hiu Fai Kwok, Judicial Control of Local Protectionism in China: Antitrust Enforcement against Administrative Monopoly on the Supreme People’s Court, 13 Journal of Competition Law & Economics 549 (2017).

Benoit Mayer, Mikko Rajavuori, and Mandy Meng Fang, The Contribution of State-Owned Enterprises to Climate Change Mitigation in China, 7 Climate Law 97 (2017).

Gregory M. Stein, What Will China Do When Land Use Rights Begin to Expire? 50 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 625 (2017)

Xianlin Wang, Recent Developments in China’s Antimonopoly Regulations on Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights, 62 Antitrust Bulletin 806 (2017).

Ziwei Zhang, Foreign Investment and Public-Private Partnerships in China, 12 European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review. 29 (2017).


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