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Master of Arts in Financial Integrity

Articles on Financial Integrity Issues

Alan S. Abel, Money Laundering: Combating a Global Threat, 222 (3) Journal of Accountancy 45 (2016)

Adebola Adeyemi, Slipping Through the Net: The FCA's Approach to Lessening the Incidence of Money Laundering in the UK, 21 Journal of Money Laundering Control 203 (2018)

Richard Barrett, Terrorism Financing Indicators for Financial Institutions in the United States, 44 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 765 (2012)

Ross S. Delston and Stephen C. Walls, Strengthening Our Security: A New International Standard on Trade-Based Money Laundering is Needed Now, 44 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 737 (2012)

Francesco Ducci, Cartel Criminalization in Europe: Addressing Deterrence and Institutional Challenges, 51 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1 (2018)

Werner Erhard and Michael C. Jensen, Putting Integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive Approach, 12(1) Capitalism and Society art. 1 (2017)

Richard K. Gordon and Andrew Morris, Moving Money: International Financial Glows, Taxes, & Money Laundering, 37 Hastings International & Comparative Law Review 1 (2013)

Richard K. Gordon, On the Use and Abuse of Standards for Law: Global Governance and Offshore Financial Centers, 88 North Carolina Law Review 501 (2010).

Ester Herlin-Karnell and Nicholas Ryder, The Robustness of EU Financial Crimes Legislation: A Critical Review of the EU and UK Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme, 28 European Business Law Review 427 (2017)

Adam J. Levin, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: An Introduction, 32 Review of Banking & Financial Law 321 (2012)

Abra Metz-Diuorkin, A Call for Sanctions: Argentina's Black Market Currency Whitening and Violations of International Anti-Money Laundering Conventions and Protocols, 48 George Washington International Law Review 441 (2016)

Shennie Patel, What is CITES and How Does It Work for Prosecutors, 4 USA Bulletin (Jul. 2012)

Nikos Passas, Financial Controls and Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, 44 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 747 (2012)

Ronald F. Pol, Anti-money laundering: The world's least effective policy experiment? Together, we can fix it, 3 Policy design and Practice 73 (2020)

K.V., Hari Prasad, Internal Audit's Role in Anti-Money Laundering, 74(6) Internal Auditor 14 (2017)

Sara H. Sabry, Towards a Proactive Role of Internal Auditors in Anti-Money Laundry Compliance Review: An Egyptian Perspective, 9 Research Journal of Finance and Accounting 2222 (2018)

M. R. Kumara Swamy, Financial Management Analysis of Money Laundering Through Fraudulent LCs, LOUs, LOCs and Swift: Case Studies of Johnson Matthey Bank: JMB (U.K.) and India's Major Commercial Bak, 30(2) Journal of Financial Management and Analysis 65 (2017)

Milind Tiwari, Adrian Gepp, and Kuldeep Kumar, A review of money laundering literature: the state of research in key areas, 32 Pacific Accounting Review 271 (2020)


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