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Suggested Reading List (Future 1Ls)

Law school faculty's suggestions of enjoyable summer reading about law-related topics. (Updated 10/1/2020)

Message from Leilani Marshall, Associate Dean for Student Services at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Welcome to Case Western Reserve University School of Law. With Orientation approaching in just a couple of weeks, some of you have expressed interest in additional summer reading that might help prepare you for law school. Our Faculty in the law library have curated a collection of novels, biographies, commentaries, and books on jurisprudence and legal history which may be of interest to you as you begin your study of law. Please note: this is not required reading. We offer it merely as an additional resource for law-related topics. More importantly, we hope that you are taking the opportunity to enjoy what remains of your summer so that you come to CWRU Law relaxed, rested, and focused. See you soon!

Message from the librarians

If you haven’t started classes yet, you may borrow books from the CWRU libraries through the OhioLink library network. If you do not have access to an OhioLink library, please speak with the reference librarian at your local public library.

The Library is pleased to announce that it has subscribed to LexisNexis Books (Study Aids), West Academic Study Aids, and Wolters Kluwer Study Aids. These online study guides of various types will be available to all CWRU Law students enrolled in the upcoming academic year.

We look forward to meeting you this fall! 


Take the CALI Summer Challenge: A Message from Librarian SaraJean

When I was in law school, CALI was one of my favorite study tools, and I credit CALI for enabling me to "grade on" to Law Review and score in the 99th percentile on the multiple choice section of the Ohio Bar Exam. 

The following is from the CALI website at:

Who is CALI?

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is a non-profit consortium of law schools that creates online, interactive learning materials. Almost all law schools are members.


What are CALI Lessons?

CALI Lessons are short, methodical explorations of a single topic. These are not just video lectures or flash cards. CALI Lessons use a variety of question types to engage you with readings and hypothetical scenarios, providing feedback along the way. CALI’s materials are created by tenured law faculty or educational experts in their area and rigorously reviewed. All 1200+ CALI Lessons are available to you as a student at a CALI member law school. 


What is the Summer Challenge?

We have assembled a collection of CALI Lessons to include in this challenge, selected specifically for pre-law students. Between now and October 1, 2024, simply complete 10 CALI Lessons using the guidelines below to fulfill the challenge and gain skills to enter law school more prepared.

Get an early introduction to first-year legal concepts and the foundational skills necessary to meet the unique demands of law school. By the way, this is completely free!

Upon completing 10 lessons in line with the guidelines, we’ll give you an online certificate of completion for your efforts toward success in law school.