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Comparing China: Researching the Law and Legal System in English Sources

English books, articles, databases an more to research China's Law and Legal system

Selected Legal and Non-legal Journals

China Legal Science (online, 2013 - present)

Chinese Journal of International Law (online, 2002 - present)

City University of Hong Kong Law Review (online, 2009 - present)

Frontiers of Law China (online, 2006 - present)

Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies (online, 2007 - present)

Peking University Journal of Legal Studies (online, 2008 - present)

Tsinghua China Law Review (2009 - present)

US-China Law Review (online, 2004 - present)


Non-law Topics

China Finance and Economic Review (online, 2013 - present)

China Review : An Interdisplinary Journal of Greater China (online, 2001 - present)

Chinese Journal of Sociology (online, 2015 - present)

China Nonprofit Review (online, 2009 - present)

Journal of Chinese Political Science (online, 2016 - present)



Below are a couple general articles that may be useful to anyone. Selected articleson Chinese corporate, criminal, environmental, intellectual property law are listed in the "Specific Topics" subtabs.

Peter Howard Come, Creation and Application of Law in the PRC, 50 The American Journal of Comparative Law, 369 (2002).

Perry Keller, Sources of Order in Chinese Law, 42 The American Journal of Comparative Law 711 (1994)

Laura Paler, China's Legislation Law and the Making of a More Orderly and Representative Legislative System, The China Quarterly No. 182 (June, 2005) p. 301.


Finding Articles

Indices of Articles (and sometimes books too):

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books

Legal Collection

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals