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Comparing China: Researching the Law and Legal System in English Sources

English books, articles, databases an more to research China's Law and Legal system

Getting Started


Law students may schedule a Personal Research Consultation ("PERC") with one of the librarians. A PERC allows for more extended research coaching, such as for course-related research, citation checking, or Note research. Fill in form on this page to schedule a PeRC.

Specific reference questions can be emailed to

Examples: Comparing the United States and China

Jennifer A. Crane, Riding the Tiger: A Comparison of Intellectual Property Rights in the United States and the People's Republic of China, 7 Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property 95 (2008).

Allan Y. Jiao Police and Culture: A Comparison between China and the United States, 4 Police Quarterly 156 (2001).

Margaret A. Shaffer, Janice R.W. Joplin, Myrtle P. Bell, Theresa Lau, and Ceyda Oguz, Gender Discrimination and Job-Related Outcomes: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Working Women in the United States and China, 57 Journal of Vocational Behavior 395 (2000).

Hua Xu and Huiyu Cui, Personal Income Tax Policy in China and the United States: A Comparative Analysis, 69 Public Administration Review S75 (Supplement 2009).