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International Law Research Lab (LAWS 5118)

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Students in this unusual course undertake legal research projects designed at the request of various international law enforcement organizations. Recent clients include the International Criminal Court, the UN-affiliated tribunals in Cambodia and Sierra Leone, Interpol, U.S. Military Commissions, and the U.S.Coast Guard, among others. Course sessions explore the development and practice of international criminal law as well as developing jurisprudence relevant to the current students' projects.


Prof. James Johnson

Prof. James Johnson is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University. He teaches International Human Rights and International Law Research Lab.


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Research Guide

Ukraine, Cyberattacks, and the Lessons for International Law

KE Eichensehr - American Journal of International Law, 2022 -

… Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put to the test theories about how cyberattacks fit into … for
the limited role of cyberattacks to date—that Russia’s attempted cyberattacks were thwarted or …

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[HTML] Cyberattacks: a look at evidentiary thresholds in International Law

S Aravindakshan - Indian Journal of International Law, 2021 - Springer

… standards in international law. Given that states now accept that international law applies to
… and treatment of evidence in international law for international wrongs and teases out the …

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Hacking Back under International Law: Toward Effective Remedies against Cyberattacks for Non-State Actors

D Housen-Couriel - CYBERSECURITY AND LEGAL …, 2021 - World Scientific

… It is important to note that for the purpose of the analysis, we have set aside important
international law issues relating to attribution of cyberattacks, the doctrine of diplomatic protection, …

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[HTML] sciencedirect.comCheck for Access @ CWRU

[HTML] Digital force majeure: the mondelez case, insurance, and the (un) certainty of attribution in cyberattacks

U TatarB Nussbaum, Y Gokce, OF Keskin - Business Horizons, 2021 - Elsevier

… Finally, the characterization of the NotPetya cyberattack under international law would
also play an indispensable role in determining whether it is a warlike action or not. From the …

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The vital role of international law in the framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace

H Moynihan - Journal of Cyber Policy, 2021 - Taylor & Francis

… of International Security (OEWG) include examination of how international law applies to …
other on a range of international law issues – can cyberattacks by one state violate another …

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Analyzing the Cyberattacks Sponsored by State-Actors Under the Contemporary Global Political and Legal Frameworks

A Mottaleb, M Canan - ICCWS 2021 16th International …, 2021 -

… This paper focuses on cyberattacks under international law; however, when a national
legislative or judicial body establishes a nexus between domestic law and international law, this …

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Preparing for hybrid warfare and cyberattacks on health services' digital infrastructure: What nurse managers need to know

JSG Wells - Journal of Nursing Management, 2022 - Wiley Online Library

Aim This article aims to outline the key concepts in hybrid warfare and cyberattack to better
inform nurse managers in their strategic contribution to the defence of critical digital …

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[PDF] How can evidentiary standards be regulated at the international level for verifiable and transparent attributions of cyberattacks to states?

TF BlauthOJ Gstrein - 2021 -

… and transparent attributions of cyberattacks to states. It will … procedure based on customary
international law, arguing that … constitutive elements of customary international law, namely (…

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Cybersecurity Threats to and Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure: a Legal Perspective

M Watney - European Conference on Cyber …, 2022 -

… , it would not constitute the use of force within the present international law and is not
specifically prohibited by the international law. Haatja (2019) is of the opinion that the present legal …

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[PDF] Leveraging Domestic Law Against Cyberattacks

J Malzac - Nat'l Sec. L. Brief, 2021 - HeinOnline

… 56 The authors of the Manual intended to capture the contemporary state of customary
international law related to cyberattacks. However earnest this endeavor was, it is severely …

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1989-2010: The Rise and Fall of Democratic Governance in International Law


Number of pages: 13 Posted: 23 Dec 2010 Last Revised: 28 Apr 2011

Jean d'Aspremont

University of Manchester - School of Law

Keywords: International Law, Democracy, Human Rights, Democratic Governance, Elections, Cold War, ...



In Whose Name? An Investigation of International Courts’ Public Authority and its Democratic Justification

European Journal of International Law, Vol. 23, No. 1. 2012

Number of pages: 39 Posted: 21 Apr 2010 Last Revised: 01 Dec 2011

Armin von Bogdandy and Ingo Venzke

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Center for International Law

Keywords: International Courts and Tribunals, Fragmentation, Democracy, Habermas



Foreign Election Interference and International Law

Election Interference: When Foreign Powers Target Democratic Institutions, Duncan Hollis & Jens Ohlin, eds., Forthcoming

Number of pages: 21 Posted: 08 Jun 2020

Chimène Keitner

UC Hastings Law

Keywords: Election Interference, Sovereignty, Self-Determination, Cyberspace, Non-Intervention, International ...



The Complementary Faces of Legitimacy in International Law: The Legitimacy of Origin and the Legitimacy of Exercise

Fordham International Law Journal, Vol. 34, pp. 101-145, 2010

Number of pages: 46 Posted: 14 Dec 2010 Last Revised: 28 Apr 2011

Jean d'Aspremont and Eric De Brabandere

University of Manchester - School of Law and Leiden University - Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies

Keywords: International Law, Legitimacy, Global Governance, Government, Statehood, International ...

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