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Sources for Student Publication Cite Checking

This LibGuide is to help students find the sources to do cite checking.

Extra Notes : Finding Sources

General Information

Books: Older works

  • Consult Blueblook Rule 15.4 and 15.8(b)
  • First look for an online version
    • Do a title search in the catalog for an online version of the edition and year you need
      • full text online from any Gale database are acceptable
    • Next search Hein Online’s Legal Classics collection
  • Second look for a paper copy, by searching the catalog
  • Third ask for help at the reference desk

Court Documents (Complaints, Briefs, etc.)

  • B-Law
  • Westlaw or LexisNext if they have a pdf of the original document.  See, 2014 WL 2880941 (note in upper left corner “original image…”)
    • If you have the citation to decision, find the decision, then click the “Filings” tab to see if there are original images of the court documents


Website information (including,,, Westlaw, LexisNexis, etc.)

  • The website is the source for Information (even if not pdfs) created by the organization which controls the website, such as
    • Press Releases
    • Full text of publications 
    • Blogs and other informational postings
    • The website itself

NOTE: a link should be created for web sources. Citation note: links should begin with "https:"

Handbook and Style Guide

Case Western Reserve Law Review Handbook 2018-2019

Case Western Reserve Law Review Style Guide 2018-2019

Interlibrary Loan Spreadsheet

Interlibrary loan spreadsheet 2018-2019

Cite Checking Process

In order to save a PDF from a website as a source:

  • Click “Control p” for Windows or “Command p” for mac
  • Change printer to “PDF”
  • Click “Save” or “Save as PDF”
  • Save the file in a folder with the author’s name. Use the naming system, e.g. OFN1, OFN2B, OFN3.5.


Verify the Source:

  • Find the page where the above the line text is supported in the source and highlight the quote or the relevant passage.
  • If the source does not support the above the line, then leave a note next to the highlighted section.
  • On the first page of the PDF create a note stating that the above the line text in footnote ___ is supported (or not) on the PDF page number you just highlighted.


Create 2 PDFs for each statute citation.  
PDF #1:  Find the statute on Westlaw and download a PDF of it.  On this PDF highlight the section at the bottom of the statute that states what date the statute is current through.  This “current” date will tell you which statute book you need to scan for state statutes.
PDF #2: If it is a USC statute, download a PDF version from an official online source.  If it is a state statute, find the physical statute book (either in our library, by OhioLink, or ILL) that has the correct, current, updated statutes and scan 1) the cover of the book, 2) the spine, 3) the title page, and 4) the relevant part of the statute.  Combine all of these pages into one PDF and upload this to the Excel Spreadsheet.  Apps like “Genuis Scan” are helpful for this.